Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mile High Scribes Monthly Meeting

October 5, 2009
7 p.m.
Barnes & Noble - Park Meadows

Special Speaker:
Paula Moldenhauer
Writing as an Act of Worship

A writer, speaker, and homeschooling mother of four, Paula Moldenhauer is passionate about God’s grace and intimacy with Jesus. Paula’s writing appears in print and on-line magazines, book compilations, and devotionals. Most recently she’s written curriculum for David C. Cook publishing, and articles for where her work gets approximately 100,000 hits. Her devotional website, Soul Scents, offers a free weekly devotional and was highlighted in the fall 2004 issue of The Old School House Magazine. ( Subscribers for her weekly devotional hail from across North America and as far away as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. Her website also includes book reviews and parenting hints. Her blog,, is a popular stop for book reviews.
Paula serves as president of HIS Writers, the north Denver chapter of ACFW, and enjoys leading God Chasin’ Chicks, a Bible study group for high school aged girls, as well as public speaking. A devoted Pride and Prejudice fan, Paula loves good conversation, peppermint ice cream, and walking barefoot. Her greatest desire is to live His fragrance.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kim Woodhouse - Book Signing - Sept 26th

Crosswalk Book Store and Cafe
Parker, CO 80134
Saturday, September 26th 2009

4-6 PM
Read more about the Woodhouses here & here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Writer- How Hungry Are You?

In the last two months, I've learned a good deal about hunger, a concept I knew very little about. I've always eaten from the brain. Head hunger. It's time to eat. I could eat. I feel like eating.

Now I am trying to listen to my stomach and let it tell me when to eat. It's a whole new world.

In learning about this, I discovered there are five levels of hunger:


As I've been contemplating this, it occured to me that these levels fit writers and their desires along the writing journey.

I've been in the "writing world" for about three years now. What a wonderful place to grow and learn and live! It's become obvious to me that each writer is at a different place in this world.

I've met Starving Writers. This folks are wonderful in that they can talk about writing and books all day. But they also can be annoying. In their hunger, they often speed around in a marketing race car. They carry their business cards everywhere and often give them out just for the possibility of a connection that will further their goal. Starving writers are wonderful to take to lunch because the conversation is always interesting. But in a group, they tend to thrust their own marketing opportunities into conversation, even when it's not appropriate. (And yes, I have been a starving writer.)

Hungry Writers are fabulous people. Most writers I've met fall into this category. They want to learn about the business and they write not just for publication, but also to learn the craft. Hungry writers ask the best questions. In a group setting they are delightful because their eyes get wide often, either from dreaming or being inspired. (I believe today I am a hungry writer.)

Satisfied Writers are that lot of folks who don't necessarily NEED to be published again or even the first time. They write for the simple joy of writing. I love to be with satisfied writers. They often remind me that contentment in Jesus is the most important thing. Sometimes they just know their priorites, and publication is not one of them. OR they have a regular gig writing and in finding their niche, they are completely satisfied. (I find myself in this category in the summertime when I'm with Noah.)

Full Writers are ones who've just gotten a contract and are busy working to its fulfillment. And theirs. They are often writing mentors, at least the best ones are. Having found success they look for ways to help other writers - the hungry or starving especially. (I'm on my way.)

Overfull writers are those souls who just don't have time. Deadlines are approaching and they just can't seem to keep up with all the demands. They sequester themselves often to acquire that single-minded focus needed to finish. They have the experience to tell hungry writers that publication is not the end all of everything. Hungry writers smile but do not believe them. (Someday, Lord Jesus!)

Writers go through these stages consistently. I can be starving today and satisfied tomorrow. Often I'm satisfied in the summer. Noah is home and I know he is my priority. But fall comes and he goes off to school and hunger pains begin. My stomach growls for a new story, a new article to submit. Overfull writers can find a place of completion and suddenly they're starving for a new challenge.

My point is this: We are all in different phases. God has a plan and a desire for each of us, despite where we are on the hunger chart. Accepting each other, where we are, is the way to love other writers. This realization has helped me considerably in my expectations. See, if I sit down with a full writer and I am starving, I sometimes resent his/her lack of ambition and drive for the next publication. If I am hungry and talk to an overfull writer, sometimes I feel jealousy for their success.

Resentment and jealousy are thrown out of the equation if I remember that we are all individuals, in unique positions. Not every writer wants the accomplishment I WANT today. I don't want what other writers desire.

God works that way. And He is GOOD. When He created the starving, hungry, satisfied, full and overfull writers He said, "It is good. It's all good!"

By Robbie Iobst

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mile High Scribes Monthly Meeting

September 14, 2009
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble - Park Meadows

Special Speaker:
Kimberley Woodhouse

"Get a Grip"
Kim will focus on both craft & spiritual elements.
Bring the first paragraph of your WIP.

Click here & here to read more about Kimberly Woodhouse.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are You Connected?

These statistics will astound you. If you aren't on Facebook and Twitter, you may want to re-examine why. Watch this video and consider these media forums in terms of platform and networking. Want to energize your writing career? Get connected.

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