Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stepping Out of the Closet

Are you working on a secret manuscript? Are you longing to be published, but afraid to step out? Are you a closet writer? For many years I was a closet writer. I didn’t tell anyone I wrote because I was afraid to commit. I was worried they’d ask about my work and keep me accountable.

Several years ago, I decided to come out of the closet and become a serious writer.

These are the steps I took:
• Introduced myself as a writer
• Joined a writers group
• Took a professional head shot
• Printed business cards
• Attended writers Conference
• Kept regular writing hours
• Submitted Manuscripts

The result? In 2008, I was published in the Nov/Dec issue of Pray! magazine and wrote 7 devotionals for Devotion magazine which will be published in July 2010. I’ve been published before, but these were my first paid publications.

This year, I’ve begun a fiction manuscript. It’s official – now everyone knows. What about you? Are you ready to step out of the closet? What are you working on in 2009?