Monday, May 11, 2009

Come Tweet With Me!

When I first learned about Twitter, the thought of another online group or activity was more than I could bear. Understanding my need to cut back, my BFF, Michele, talked me into Twittering while we were having coffee one day. As sure as I love Starbucks, you count on the fact that Michele has a gazillion projects going. She showed me how I could actually save time while introducing this new phenomenon – and she should know.

How does Twitter save time?

1. I send out one tweet (via text message from my phone) and all my followers get it at the same time. This saves me from texting each person individually. When my dear, sweet, grand baby was born, I twittered her progress all night long. That’s when I learned how invaluable Twitter is.

2. I’ve set my tweets to automatically update my Facebook profile so I don’t have to check in with FB each day. Now I check it weekly or just when I want to check friends’ updates.

3. I stay in touch with my network and blog less frequently so I have more time.

Other benefits of Twitter:

  • I tweet my new blog postings to get more traffic.
  • Twitter is easy – real easy. I signed up in less than ten minutes. I even signed up my 70-year-old mom and she tweets now too.
  • Takes less time than blogging so I can stay in touch with more of my peeps.
  • I twitter right from my phone - so I can tweet from anywhere I have service. I can also log in to my Twitter home page and tweet from my laptop.
  • It's free!

Well, did I convince you to try it? Look me up at boldandfree and send me a tweet. I’d love to Tweet with you!