Thursday, May 14, 2009

While I was preparing for CCWC...

1. My Doc would not renew prescription over the phone so spent an hour of time at her office.

2. Walgreens did not receive faxed prescription so I had to return later.

3. Toilet clogged and overflowed. My DH rescued me there.

4. Dropped an entire cooler full of bottled water – a mess

5. Fan fell apart. It was old.

6. “Better than Lather” spilled all over my travel bag. Soooo much lather I finally ended up throwing it in the wash.

7. Still do not have reservations. Phone tag with the reservationist.

8. Ink ran out while printing one- sheets.

9. No appointments set up with editors/agents.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do. Obviously, the enemy is going his best to sabotage me, but he is not going to win.

I imagine those who are going to CCWC are experiencing all sorts of distractions. Please keep us in your prayers this week. God has something awesome cooking!


· Traveling protection

· Wellness – I’m fighting something off

· Divine appointments

· Wisdom and Direction

· My MIL while I’m gone

· God will use me while I’m here

These shots were take this evening before the general session. Aren't these elk magnificent?